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Enter your emailed discount code to get 100% off your order for the discounted meals you bought in advance. If you're not a member, no problem. You're welcome to order. Continue with the next steps.


Choose dinners.

Choose which dinners you want for the week. You must order at least 24 hours before. At this time, we're fulfilling 30 dinners a day.


Choose pickup date + time.

Let us know what day you're picking up Monday to Thursday and we'll have dinner ready! You can order more than one night's worth of dinners at a time and pick them up the same day if you want. We have a "3 day freshness" guarantee so we don't recommend picking up more than 3 nights of meals at a time.


Pickup meals.

Pick-up your meals anytime between 3 and 6:45 pm on your scheduled date at 1305 Assembly St., Columbia, SC inside the Let's Cook culinary studio.


Reheat or assemble.

Reheat or assemble your meals using the meal instructions found with each dinner on this website.


Rate your dinners.

Give a 1-5 star rating and let us and other diners know how good your meal was. Rating helps everyone make better dinner decisions.